Our commitment is further demonstrated by the 12 year relationship with our Japanese consultant, who brings with him more than 50 years of industry experience. The invaluable time he spends with our team allows us to continuously raise our standards and grow. Additionally during the past five years, we have seconded more than 70 employees to Honda, providing them with insight into some of the most rigorous training in the industry and latest high technology manufacturing and operational techniques.
Please send your resume to our HR team: HR@sethtech.com, if you are interested.   Thank you.
GM secretary
1. Be responsible for file translation work(including document translation and interpretation)
2. Attend GM routine meeting, make meeting record and follow up the progress of assigned by GM
3. Assist to arrange GM agenda.
4. Draft all kinds of documents according to GM requirements.
5. Take responsible for GM agenda arrangement, absence notification and business trip reimbursement.
6. Deal with various information, fax and emails.
7. Take responsible for expense forecast and tracking of GM.
8. Complete the other jobs from GM.
1. 1 Machinery, administrative management, enterprise management, finance, international trade or related bachelor degree or above;
2. 2 Fluent English or Japanese
3. 3 Office software skilled, has excellent skill about PPT making
4. 4 Has strong organization, coordination, communication and interpersonal skills and keen insight, has a strong ability of planning and execution;
5. 5 Good team cooperation spirit, honest and reliable, decency
HR Intern
1. 1 Assist to tidy HR files and data. (e.g. archives management, HR database maintenance, and on board and quit procedure execution)
2. 2 Assist make interview appointment and participate in campus recruitment.
3. 3 Assist to arrange employee EEI activities and training plan following up.
4. 4 To do other jobs assigned by leader.
1. 2017 graduates, bachelor degree, major in English, human resources, psychology, business management and other professional priorities
2. Responsive, strong learning ability;
3. Character cheerful, full of enthusiasm, work experience in community is preferred;
4. Familiar with Office software。
5. Serious and responsible, obey the arrangement.
1. Prepare for visiting guests reception, registration, guide, arrange negotiation place, notify the respondent timely
2. Be responsible for all kinds of letters and parcels, receipt and distribution of newspapers and magazines;
3. Assist superior to complete the company administration work and department internal daily routine work, for other departments to provide timely and effective administrative service。
4. Responsible for temporary work assigned by the leader.
1. Good appearance, good temperament, age 18 to 28 years old, height 1.65 above;
2. College degree and above, secretarial, administrative management major.
3. Strong sense of service, skilled use of office software
4. Have good coordination ability, communication skills, responsible, lively, cheerful personality
5. Fluent mandarin
6. Has business etiquette knowledge.
Mould design engineer
1. Be responsible for new mould developing, designing and take part inmold making, solve the problems during the process.
2. proceed the mould making process, formability analysis and structure design according to customer's requirements.
3. have the consciousness of QCD, reduced production costs.
4. According to the design of bubble type whether compliance inspection accordingly.
5. Requirements
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical design manufacturing and automation, material science and engineering (mould) and other related major
2. Detailed understanding of sales practices in the body panel and familiar with their correlation matching requirements.
3. Three years experience in mould cold stamping.
4. Skillfully use UG/CATIA, and be able to use AUTOCAD for 2d design accordingly.
5. A sense of responsibility, has the team cooperation consciousness and compressive capacity.
DIEL technical engineer
1. Strictly control the project delivery, deep understanding of the project plan, follow up mould project management, and discover, solve the problems in mold making process.
2. Attend customer meeting, introduce the process of the project, give solution to the questions raised by customer.
3. In view of the mold making process of adverse conditions, such as coordinate relevant departments to improve and follow up the improvement.
1. College or above, major in mechanical design manufacturing and automation, mold design and manufacturing.
2. Detailed understanding of sales practices in the mould structure and technological process, can understand mold design drawings;
3. One year experience in automobile cold stamping mold design or mold fitter;
4. Character cheerful, good communication and coordination ability, positive learning attitude.