About us

Our commitment is further demonstrated by the 12 year relationship with our Japanese consultant, who brings with him more than 50 years of industry experience. The invaluable time he spends with our team allows us to continuously raise our standards and grow. Additionally during the past five years, we have seconded more than 70 employees to Honda, providing them with insight into some of the most rigorous training in the industry and latest high technology manufacturing and operational techniques.

Tianhong understand and appreciates the efforts and sacrifices of its staff to grow the business and embrace the rigorous training and technological advancements that have allowed us to become one of China’s premier die and mould engineering firms.

Tianhong follow internationally recognized project management processes from inception through to handover and after sales service. Our multilingual and transparent communication capabilities maximizes design development times and minimizes risks and costs due to the optimized product life cycle process.

  •     Technical Design: The latest UG, CATIA, AUTOFORM software’s are used to analyze the entire turn-key process, to achieve full 3D simulation.
  •     FMC: Advanced NC layered processing, compares the measurement of reverse scan with the design, for early detection of FMC defects.
  •     Machining: Precision NC mould and insert machining; following surface heat treatment high speed five-axis machining is meticulously to ensure the highest quality standard of the mould.
  •     Project Management: From the first client contact our project management tools are working to capture the essence of the customer.
    requirements and help translate these metrics into schedule and cost data. Regular gate reviews ensure that our customers are kept up to date with a summary report containing progress photographs, performance and scheduling data.
  •     Die Spotting: Highly experienced in accurate die spotting to ensure optimum contact surface elastic deformation compensation.
  •     Quality Assurance: Achieving the best QA/QC in the industry is our primary aim, our investment in time and money to develop our skill base and tools to achieve the highest levels of quality is second to none, including a program of CPD and the latest coordinate measurement and detection equipment by Zeiss and FARO.
  •     After-sales Service: A range of flexible international after sales service options means that we can tailor any after sales solution to our clients.

With an annual production rate of more than 600 precision moulds, supplied to more than eleven countries including: USA, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Japan and Thailand. Tianhong are proud of our domestic and international reputation and our customer’s appreciation through their continued repeat business.